Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hiding in the Lovegrass

The Little Curlew that was hiding in the love grass! 
A painting about a mermaid! 

I love the little Curlew!
This painting has wonderful warm colors.  I think her face is so sweet.  Look at the little Curlew she holds.  When I was painting this I imagined that she was the one that was 'hiding in the grass'.  The little sailor is busy fishing oblivious to her, or so it would seem.  

Even the captions that are written in the grass are designed to be obscured and not obvious 
I like to paint this way because it makes the viewer have to really get up close to see what's going on in the painting.  When they do this, they will notice all the wonderful tiny cracks and crazing that are worked into the artwork and paper.  These little cracks were deliberate and intended to make the painting look vintage.  I really love the ocean.  I enjoy painting about the ocean.  I know that I am now sounding like a broken record~especially, if you have read any of my previous posts.  

I decided to put this lady in a tiger maple frame that was made by a craftsman from Carlisle, PA area.  It is newly constructed, but like the painting was designed to look aged, ever so softly! 

This painting is sold
If you are interested in  any prints of my work, you can purchase them thru Spicher and Co.  Please call us and we will direct you to a store in your area.  If there are no stores in your area that carry my work, then we are happy to sell to you!  Like us on Facebook to see what is new!  

Thanks of looking! 

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